Weekend Linky Dinks-The Jobless Uncovery

So we lost 80,000 jobs yesterday, but the Gipper spoke at 2:30 to announce another entitlement program, this time with clean energy to promote jobs. Happy days are here again. Some factory in NH gets to pop out a few windmills now. A true game changer, riveting, almost life changing was the speech.$2.3 billion for 17,000 jobs, that comes to $130,000 per job. Just an outrage. About 661,000 people stopped looking for work in the US in December. If they had not done so, the unemployment rate would have gone up to roughly 10.4 per cent. We all know by now that the real number is 17.5%. This truly does give new meaning to a jobless recovery. I’ve never, ever, seen someone so lost, so absolutely clueless, so disconnected, but the market rallied and that’s all I care about. Tim Geithner is already in the witness protection program, and sources tell me he requested a spot in Barney Frank’s basement. He needs to go-now. Jim Bunning is already licking his chops and is waiting for the inquisition to start on January 18th. Enjoy the heat, this market is on fire.

I think many of the following links are bearish, although I’m longer than an unemployment line right now.

The top 12 media scares of the last decade.

Personal bankruptcies are rising fast.

Another 15 million homeowners could be pushed under water.

The Gitmo obsession.

Meredith Whitney has lost her juice.

Worthless AIG.

Find a nice grassy knoll and read this, Trimtabs wonders.


Nancy girl gets snarky at Obama.

Just walk away from your mortgage, the new reality.

Timmy wasn’t in the e-mails but he was the mastermind.

…and then receives his special invite.

“I’ll do it on C-SPAN”….well, for an hour anyway.

Our affair with Israel is ending. Is Rahm Emanuel the new James Baker?

Is the VIX worthless?

Taxing our health care.

Treasuries are toast, just to big to absorb says Bill Gross.

China says not so fast on sanctioning Iran.

The mess that is Fannie and Freddie.

A bust 1000 times worse than Dubai, Chanos on China.

Now that’s a car dealership.

Somethings gotta give, and it will, just not now. Bubble warning.

Soda Pop

Redneck water skiing.

Clooney has nothing on Warren Beatty

The death star.

Remember Patti Smith?

Conan O’Brien will get $45 million to walk if they can’t figure this disaster out. Zucker must have been involved.

After a slow start “Avatar” is now #2 all time.

Three hots and a cot, sad but true.

I recommend this flick if you have kids.

Enron goes to Broadway.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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