Weekend Linky Dinks and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all and to all a great 2010. As in any new year we kick off with questions. What will happen to the economy when the Fed pulls monetary stimulus and government spending? Have the financials had their move or will they march higher? What will happen after first quarter earnings season? What is the case for oil and the recovery when things heat up with Israel and Iran? Notice I asked when, not if.

Bernanke, like Greenspan before him, is way behind on the yield curve. Rates are rising as he dreams about the Depression, his happy days at Princeton and the book advance he will get on his memoir when his time in the public sector comes to an end.. He will have to make an earlier than expected hike in rates. How will the market react? So many questions and so little time. I hope you are all on the right side of the trade. Have a great 2010. Enjoy the links.

Apple may sell 10 million Tablets in the first quarter and 5 ways it may change the world.

Is farmland the new asset class?

Barney Frank now owns Fannie and Freddie as they lose “gobs of money'”

After losing $870 million, the Mayo Clinic stops accepting Medicare.

Is Burlington Northern’s outlook a tell for the economy?

Will 2010 be the year of ETF flameouts? Many have started the slow burn already.

Russian aluminum and Paulson, go for it and get back to me.

A Tiger movie already?

The most underreported stories of 2009.

The mistresses of the decade.

Now HP gets in the game, just follow those trademarks.

Was the financial crisis too short to teach us a lesson?

Why the Dems will lose the house in 2010.

No rise in carbon dioxide fraction in 160 years, yeah I know I beat it to death, but I just can’t stop.

5 tech themes for 2010.

The Dubai Tower opens.


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