Weekend Linky Dinks

Three and a half more trading days until Twenty Ten is upon us. What a year it was for the bulls, not so much for the bears. The sky never fell, although it got heavy at times, but  the unwavering bid underneath the market never disappeared.

Rates went to zero, the dollar went into semi collapse, gold woke up a bit and Apple continued to shine.

I will ave my 2010 predictions out in a couple of days as I have as much right as the next guy to get it wrong.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

10 news media trends to watch in 2010.

Madoff catches a beat down.

Apple bought domain name Islate.com in 2007, will that be the name for the new tablet?

20 guesses what the Apple tablet will look like.

The Senate’s next trick, and it doesn’t include transparency.

Newsflash!! The Constitution is now for sale.

Madison Avenue dirt bag.

Paulson and Robertson make their interest rate bets.

You damn dog lovers.

The mountain of debt at the mortgage backers.

How corruption stalks the stimulus.

Paul Tudor Jones has spirit.

The deals that didn’t make it.

Tiger and Accenture, is the latter being cute here?

Jobs jive and porkulus.

7 stories Obama doesn’t want told.

I didn’t know they made sex tapes in India.


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