Weekend Linky Dinks-Merry Christmas

Triple witching came and went without much fanfare yesterday, the financials tried a bounce, but tech led as RIMM beat their number and Apple followed. The Nazzy was the only positive index for the week. JP Morgan shrugged off a Meredith Whitney earnings cut and the TARP babies, WFC, BAC and C, all managed closes above their  syndicate bids.

Climatehagen was another fail for the Administration, Iran played capture the flag with an Iraqi oil well and the greenback is actually becoming short term overbought.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Holiday Season. I just bought my first snow blower.

The Nebraska Purchase

Iran must be grumpy this week.

If it’s a million it’s a short.

Stevie Cohen’s wife is pissed and she’s talking.

GAO will investigate ACORN.

Cher moves out on Citadel’s Griffin.

Obama’s big sellout.

Gore’s fuzzy math.

Citi’s $38 billion envelope.

Gore does his best Shelley to a fawning Smith. Laughable and sad. (video) Love the acid sea.

Fund of funds lose assets as industry grows.

9 months after Porkulus, 49 of 50 states lose jobs.

“Crazyheart” update

Joan Jett is back.

What is “fracking” ? it could kill the Exxon/XTO deal.

Elvis at 21.

The race to the bottom in 09.

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