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So what’s next for the buck? We’ve had four consecutive closes above the 50DMA. The playbook says lower stock prices, but there is no playbook with this market. This week Congress raised the debt ceiling, imposed sweeping financial regulation and decided a playoff system for NCAA football was the way to go. We will also use some TARP to either pay down the deficit or create jobs. A Nobel Prize was handed out, some want the other one to be taken back. Dubai still has issues and Greece has bigger ones. Gold was down about 10% and crude tagged three month lows at around $70 a barrel. The beat goes on. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Winners and losers in the Bank Reform Bill.

Paolo Pellegrini, the brains behind Paulson, talks the dollar and housing.

To Greek To Fail?

And while Rome still burns, Congress

12 reasons the job market is worse than you think.

Jobs lost in the recession may not come back.

Shorts are back in the financials.

Yo Citi, what’s the rush?

Get ready for the roaring 10’s.

Raise the roof.

American dream 2, default then rent.

15 things to know about the ongoing Greek debacle.

Those ARMS are coming.

$6 million for three jobs, the beauty of Porkulus.

Blythe Masters, from CDS to Carbon Derivatives.

26 possibilities for 2010.

SAC and Pequot vets start a long/short fund.

A dollar bear goes long for a trade.

Will we lose our AA A rating?

Genesis 2.0, recreating the beginning of time.

I love it when Congress wants to “reshape” things. Hello Chavez.

10 amazingly wasteful porkulus projects.

Paulson has never been more long.

Roubini and Gross on Chinese bubbles.


Man gets attacked with steak.

Jeff Bridges, one of the best and most under rated guys in Hollywood. Looking forward to “Crazy Heart”.

Hawaii has the biggest waves in five years.

“Avatar” better live up to the hype, I hear it’s long and boring.

Mystery lights over Norway.

Not his best, but it’s Dylan.

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