Weekend Linky Dinks

Al Gore’s home, on the right, portrays his undying loyalty to his cause. The markets ended the week higher as Bank of America paid back, gold hit more all time highs and unemployment was better than consensus. The dollar exploded on Friday, but the market shrugged of the strength, although commodities and materials took it on the chin. The dollar “short”, gold “long” trade is as crowded as the free sex joints in Copenhagen. Odds that the Fed will raise rates by the June meeting rose to 53% from 31% a week ago. Watching the dollar. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Dick Fuld’s exile.

I guess Al got jammed up.

And you thought rock stars had all the fun. The world of golf groupies.

Free climate sex.

Why the Fed loves inflation.

Why didn’t Canada’s housing market go bust? Cleveland Fed.

We’ve survived the cold war and 9/11, but will our economy be the final straw?- Niall Ferguson

Hedge funds were up 1.8% in November.

One single day, one, after Comcast/NBC deal, Roberts comes out in support of Bamacare. Coincidence?

Friday’s job data was great if you’re into temporary workers and more government jobs.

Rajaratnam was probed for insider trading in the 90’s. But he looked so honest.

Mauldin sees a double dip.

Buying the natural gas dip might not be such a good idea.

Can you take back an Oscar? Go grab that Nobel while your at it.

We’ll never run out of oil.

Day 14- still not a mention of the Climategate fiasco from the mainstream.

Tiger snored.

In case you Adam Lambert fans want to get your DVR’s ready.

Why Wells Fargo hasn’t paid us back.

Was Paulson a one hit wonder?

Small business confidence plunges.

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