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It was a week that saw global warming exposed as a sham and we found out on Thanksgiving Day that Dubai can’t pay their rent.The city built on sand may have to sell The Queen Elizabeth 2 to play catch up. The markets here in the U.S. caught a low volume beat down, but managed a close above the lows on Friday. Next week will be key as the bulls and bears will jockey for position. Will this news ignite the long awaited correction or will the bulls continue to buy the dips? Personally I think Friday was a low volume over reaction. We will know in 48 hours. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.


Dubai can’t pay.

Trading tax stiffs the little guy-Eric Jackson

Tiger’s black Friday.

This is what too big to fail looks like.

The self-fulfilling prophecy that is our recovery.

Ferguson to Roubini, You’re not as good as me.

Geithner goes gospel. (video)

Climate Czar Browner: What conflict of interest?

Will private equity be the next meltdown?

15 signs Wall St. pathology is spreading.

The real jobless rate is around 18%

Why Niall Ferguson is still bearish.

The lies that would have cost us trillions, the mainstream media did about one story on it as of Thursday.

The gathering Geithner storm.

More on jobs “saved”

Another oldy from Paul Tudor Jones, but priceless just the same.

Amazon VS. Walmart

Cramer’s response to the trader tax, I’m not a commenter, but I made two, and they were both taken down. He took some heat.

Elliot Wave’s Prechter is flawless on his short term calls and horrible longer term. He’s short term bearish.

The Rainmaker Roundtable, yes, stuff did get done before Twitter and Facebook.

The Main Street credit crunch.Roubini

Calpers suspends hedge fund chief for improper payments to managers.

Downward revision in GDP, smoke and mirrors.

Another mini Madoff.

Hormones,incentive and experience make the best traders.

Roubini-Will the world go shopping?

Cruise and the Cult of Scientology. If Vonnegut started something when I was 18 I may have followed, but this idiot is a grown up.

Obama shatters spending for first year Presidents.

BlackRock, Wall Street’s newest giant.

Pelosi gets snarky on the runway.

The pimping of Twilight in Forks Washington.

Speaking of Pimps and Ho’s, Acorn documents end up in dumpster.

Mr. Nice Guy isn’t flying in Asia.

A chat with Sidney Lumet.


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