Finally, the Breakdown

It started brewing yesterday and it followed through today. My random thoughts.

1-It’s still about the dollar, don’t let anyone convince you it’s not. The dollar has been up for four days and the market is down for four days…ain’t rocket science.

2- We were overbought and needed a correction badly.

3-Technical analysis beats the crap out of any analyst I know.

4-Fear is a stronger emotion than greed.

5-The question now is how much further will we drop, we will rally up at some point soon.

6-We will fail again after the rally.

7- Christmas sales will suck

8-If you believe what you see on  CNBC you have issues

9-The market is emotion, greed, fear and technicals, not fundamentals

10-Buy and hold is dead forever, if you completely disagree, you’re an idiot.

11- Even now we need to take profits on our shorts because the market is bipolar and could rally hard at anytime.

12-First Solar sucks

13- Beating these earnings is like beating a defenseless baby seal.

14-The dollar will probably still collapse.

15-Materials are starting to look really sweet again.

16-Banks are still toxic and will be the red headed step children until 2011.

17-You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

18-Solar stocks will trade in drill bits in 2010-2011.

19-If we’re screwed from all of our debt, so is China, go buy the Rubel.

20-Interest rates will go up and everyone should own some TBT.

21-We have enough natural gas to blow up all solar systems.

21-Oil should be $30, but not while the dollar is collapsing and Iran has nukes.

22-Solar panels will be used as sheet rock soon.

23-If Bank of America breaks $15 watch out below.

24-Goldman has the same red phone as Glen Beck, but Geithner calls that one.

25-If GMAC needs more money, do you really think the banks don’t?

26- Meredith Whitney is pissed that Bove is stealing her thunder, expect sell ratings from her soon.

The beat goes on……………..

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