Weekend Linky Dinks

The greenback continues to burn and looks even lower. Maybe 20% lower? Some, including Niall Fergusson from Harvard thinks so. Geithner looked inept regarding all things Macro in the Bartiromo interview, and Bernanke still signals the all clear. Why do I still feel like Vick and Jackson are baby sitting Rex and the kids?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

There is no “long term” with stocks anymore.

What is the double short for Chinese commercial real estate?

In the Can’t Make This Shit Up” category, Obama’s energy Czar called for a billion deaths from an Ice Age.

Banks are borrowing at zero and lending to the Treasury, time to hire Madoff to run the Treasury.

$2.2 billion out the door, it’s just costing is about $71,000 per job, good work Sparky.

A movie Al Gore doesn’t want you to see. I wonder if my kids will be forced to watch this one too.

Hedge fund founder charged with insider trading.

Here is his monthly newsletter.

Peace through weakness?

Michael Moore’s hypocrisy.

The view form inside the Depression.

Bruce Wasserstein

Pennies from heaven. Buying the elderly, insulting and ssssoooooo obvious.

Barney Frank, predatory lender.

Fascinating rogue video of Paul Tudor Jones

What happens if the dollar crashes?

DOW 10,000, then and now. We’ve only crossed it 25 times, slow news week for CNBC.

Goldman should just go private.

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