Morning Morsel

Intel reports after the close today and semis are up a “sluggish” 50% this year. If they don’t meet or beat watch out below, but more importantly listen to their guidance. The company upped guidance back in August so it would be a big surprise if they fell short. Personally I think it’s already priced in so be mindful of a possible sell the news event. If I was long, which I’m not, I would be gone in a heartbeat here.

Meredith Whitney issued a rating change on Goldman Sachs this morning, she went from a buy rating to a neutral as 70% of analysts are at buy ratings. Speaking of Goldman their steel analyst said he was “turning maximum bullish” on the Asian steel industry, Japan in particular.

Blackstone’s Schwarzman is planning on kicking about eight of his  portfolio companies to investors via the IPO market. Yep, I’m jumping the line for that one.

Bernie Madoff got into a shoving match in prison with another senior, news reports say Madoff took him down. What was the brawl about? The stock market.

Have a great day.

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