Weekend Linky Dinks

The hunt for red October begins. Just a blip on the screen, or a sign of more selling pressure to come? Still a tad early, but the S&P is flirting with a break of its 50 day moving average, this level will be the topic of conversation next week.The financial sector is right on that line and also needs close monitoring in the coming week.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links:

Just drop Moody’s into a volcano.

Naked short selling and how Goldman lobbies the Senate.

What follows a record setting Dow quarters?

Waiting for some “red”

Bill Gross on Doo Doo economics

I can’t wait for the Madoff movies, and being sued just because you are an idiot.

Day traders return.

The Evolution of Asia.

Wyatt Earp makes a comeback in Arizona.

Meredith Whitney says the credit crunch continues, especially for small business.

Secrets of the self made.

Next weeks calendar.

Is this a real bull or “Red Bull” market.

Are IPO’s ready for a comeback?

Will Letterman face the fire?

Reasons to still worry about housing.

Obama’s French lesson.

And why he bombed on healthcare.

Yet another commercial real estate “other shoe” article, Goldman went bearish on the group last week, so maybe this time it gets legs.

Another crash is all to possible because nothing has really changed.

Iran, nukes and the markets.

Polanski and Hollywood’s shame.

47% pay zero tax.

Fund managers getting ready for a pullback.

It’s getting cold again.

When the global warmers run out of nonsense I’m sure they will go back to this, same folks had an iceberg hitting your house in 1974

Blame Barney Frank.

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