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{+++}Today was the last day of the month for me and the fund and I literally just stopped, I will be tweeting a little more starting tomorrow and will also be back to video. If any of you guys are coming to New York for the Stocktwits seminar at Nasdaq on Friday please let me know so I can say hi.

The market shook out te longs, then squeezed th e shorts and then attempted a rally. A really tought day to make money even if you are a pro, so if you were pissed off and frustrated you weren’t alone. I was livid at different points today.

I’m trying to find some  decent intra day  Holy Grail (5 minute/20 day EMA) setups  but this market hasn’t been cooperating, when I do, we will do a series on them. Here is a link that explains it well.

Tomorrow is a new month and the beginning of the final quarter of the year. Let’s see if the bulls have the stamina and the staying power to continue the trend, They still seem to be buying any dip that this market offers up.

Tonight we have one one and one short. MELA is close to being stopped so we be taking a loss on that one as soon as tomorrow, I regret not taking the trade for a smaller loss on Monday after the Barons mention, I goofed in retrospect.


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