{+++}I just wanted to give you an update on PLNR in case you bought it. I’ve been watching that stock everyday for almost three months, some longer term subscribers are probably long around 2.75. Anyway, it is a very light volume stock and subject to some pretty whippy moves. $3.05 was the breakout on the chart and it’s not unusual for a stock to retrace a breakout and head back to where it started the day so no cause for concern yet.

Some of you have asked where the stop would be, my original stop when I recommended it, was around 2,25, quite a big stop but this is a longer term play for me so I am giving it some room, if you are an aggressive trader then you may want to have a tighter stop, maybe $2.50, mine is at $2.25 am I am willing to live with some of the gyrations.

Please keep in mind it is very thin and my original suggestion was not to get to big in the name. I still like it and will probably buy more if it dips. I am impatient by nature so I am rooting for a strong follow through day soon. I will keep you posted.

No you weren’t seeing things, the stock was indeed bipolar today, hope you had a great day, I will be back later this evening.

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