Weekend Linky Dinks

The stock market suffered broad-based declines, settling with a 2.2% decline, with weak housing and durable goods orders data driving much of the selling interest.

All ten sectors fell, though some of the areas that have seen the biggest rebound this year fell the most, with materials falling 4.8%, financials shedding 3.6% and industrials declining 3.1%. Within the S&P 500, 84% of stocks posted a loss.

Next week should be fun and as usual keep your eye on the greenback as a tell. It’s been money so far. Enjoy the links.

Private equity, “We all had too much money.

Those REIT IPO’s I mentioned went cold last week.

Why Goldman always wins.

Friday’s action.

Memo to Peter Thiel, running a hedge fund is different than running Paypal.

Which bank could implode next?

Another winner from the SEC

You just can’t make this up.

Clock ticking for first time home buyers.

Bob Toll always sold stock, so what’s the big deal now?

Al Gore just got $500 million, those polar bears must be juked, wait it’s a car company.

Google wants to buy a company a month.

Week 3 in the NFL.

Khadafy’s interpreter collapses.

Is First Solar a short again?

Hedge funds got $20 billion last month.

Life and a hedge fund.

Fined OK, but jailed? LOL

Inside the soul of an oil man

Obama wants a nuclear free world, so far he has big issues. I guess he doesn’t buy that whole peace through strength thingy.

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