Running Like a Scalded Cat

{+++} Guys, I did a twenty minute video and it imploded, I spent the last half hour trying to recover it, but no luck, I will try for a pre market video update in the morning. Great day and a great week, don’t get cocky, the Street is littered with bull market geniuses. Stops have been adjusted so please stay current.

We are getting close to a correction soon, watch your trades that may be separate from this site, when this turns it should happen fast. I am looking at inverse shorts for us, they are just not ready yet.

Watchlist for Sept. 17


RMBS-buy back over 18.48 (acting well again since the sell off stop 17.25

SVA- 10.50 stop 9.25

HMIN-buy at 29.44 stop 28

RIG- buy over 82.81 STOP 81.50 (sold half today +3)

RIMM long over 80.59  stop 78.50 (we sold half yesterday for $2.00, sold second half today +4.00)

BTU – BUY OVER 37.24 STOP 38 (sold half yesterday for +1.80, sold second half today +4.00)

FAZ 22.50 stop 21.5 (stopped)

ENER- BUY AT 13.50-13.60 STOP 12.70

EDAP-  4.92 STOP 4.25 (we stopped, I may re-enter long so stay tuned)

AGU -50.05 STOP 48.50 (sold half today for +2.40)

OREX- long at 8  stop 8.25 (sold half +.80)

MELA- long at 10.50  STOP AT 9.25

XIDE- $7 stop 7.00 ( we sold half for +1.00, sold last half today +1.85)

EXEL- 6  STOP 6.10 ( sold half yesterday for 10%)

QSFT- 16.25 stop 16.00 (if it gets through 17 it could run, we are out of half for +.80)

CRY  at $7.50 stop 8.00 (sold half +.80)

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