Weekend Linky Dinks

The market had a good week as it drifted higher on anemic volume. We got through 9-11 and Obama’s speech and the market waits for some type of catalyst for it’s next move. The vacations are over and options expire on Friday, have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Life after Lehman, Dick Fuld’s new life, aftershock lasts a while.

David Einhorn’s new shorts, Moody’s and McGraw-Hill, he’s been dead right on everything else,courtesy Market Folly.

David Rosenberg’s 5 points on a nonsense rally, another guy who has been as right as rain.

Dear Chairman Bernanke, from the Chinese.

It was the accounts stupid, hey, Arthur Anderson went out of business over Enron, remember?

The Wells Fargo party house.

The stock market will collapse again.

Insiders are selling like crazy.

The deal of the century, how Barclays got Lehman.

Did Lehman have to die so global finance could live?

Just wait for the mortgage resets.

Not much attention was paid to this on Thursday, the consumer is so dead.

In Florida, vestiges of the boom.

Rogue’s gallery revisited.

The world’s largest shopping mall….has 10 tenants.

Self induced retardation-Charlie Sheehan, also a self induced career killer, just look at Rosie.

Subprime commission, this should  be like 20 clowns in a Volkswagen.

An Obama speech in 13 easy steps.

Forbes on entitlements.

The ugliest things in the NFL.

Why Americans aren’t buying health care.

$8 billion of your stimulus dollars go here. ACORN at its finest.

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