Weekend Linky Dinks

The casino stocks rocked last week, AIG, Fannie, Freddie, hey, even Lehman was up 200% on Friday. Yup, I said Lehman. Garbage has a tendency to float near tops, be careful. Enjoy the links.

Another gem, get ready for “cash for refrigerators”, thank goodness, I needed one for beer and steaks.

Stocktwits rings the closing bell.


The spend and borrow economy.

Real unemployment is 16%? Probably

Short natural gas and solar panels is probably the trade, with long oil as the hedge.

1000 banks to fail.

Crude oil, by Prince Al-Faisal

White House loves raising taxes, but they hate savings too?

Pelosi, the Speaker of lies.

Nevada’s war on California.

Watching China.

This is when the market usually annihilates the longs.

The rage over Goldman Sachs.

Obama’s spending has gone mad, Davidowitz is always a great watch.

Raising money to snuff truth

Paulson now owns 2% of Citi.

Job lessons from the great recession.

In defense of flash trading

A flexible GOP Senator goes bearish on healthcare.

Sick world, please, watch your kids.

Small oversight, Rangel getting dirtier than the bottom of my shoe.

Is Obama anti Israel?

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