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The bulls charged ahead last week as the bears were moved to the back of the bus. The White House pulled an “Oh by the way” after the close Friday stating that the deficit will be $ 9 trillion, not $ 7 trillion, they were just 2000 one billions “off”. The CBO has stated that number all along. We’ll  see how the market reacts Monday morning. That’s bearish, but it completely puts a wet blanket on health care so that could be viewed as bullish and could have a decent effect. Come Monday, we’ll know. Enjoy your weekend and the links.

Market data points

The rise and possible fall of the super rich.

Recovery-pick your letter.

Wall St. Cheat sheet asks if Roubini is a false prophet?

Blackwater, so Jack Bower.

The French work least inthe world.

Ummm, honey, you owe me, now pay me. The UBS tax sheet list is coming.

Investors that missed the rally, may start to chase. Jon Markman

The DJIA is being shopped.

The Cubbies go to the Ricketts.

Meredith Whitney’s current view on the banks, Goldman was a good call but she would have looked silly smart if she went bullish on everything, a rising tide you know.

Some Wall St. types are landing, but a lesson also on why buy and hold is just stupid.

Are deficits good?

Pull the plug on healthcare.

What is “Wee-weed” up”?

Consensus thaws on global warming.

Stop asking when the recession will end.

Stocks that are above pre- Lehman levels.

Manhattan commercial real estate office sees sales drop 91%.

Nah, no healthcare rationing, sorry Mr. Jones no knee replacement for you, we have to balance the budget first.

Hot female athletes are back.

No recession for Elko Nevada.

Will Goldman need PR?

Pre season college football rankings.

Solar stocks see volume.

Adam Warner on VIX.

Mexico goes weed legal.

Obama, Tiger and Megan Fox

When social security runs out.

Financial historian on the Dow.

Why are banks failing?

Where we stand.

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