Weekend Linky Dinks

“A government big enough to give you everything you want , is strong enough to take everything you have” – Thomas Jefferson

It could have been worse I guess, but the consumer sentiment number blew the longs out of the water yesterday, I guess we will find out Monday morning if it’s still a buy the dip market. Fragile. Have a great weekend.

The final days at Merrill Lynch.

Madoff, new book, “Too Good To Be True”

Camille Paglia on Obama’s healthcare horror.

Schwarzman makes $702 million and CEO”s are cleaning up.

Colonial falls.

Has anything changed on Wall St.?

Shovel ready plans getting nada. Where’s the loot really going?

Forclosures still on the run.

Sell in May and go away is one thing, but September is bad for the market.

I can’t help but think this may have been Ruth Madoff.

Hillary hits the Congo, but Bill hits Vegas.

Will electric cars blow the grid?

Cap and Trade is probably dead.

Have you been devastated by the recession?

As of yesterday the FDIC is bankrupt.

Whole food’s chairman on health care alternative.

Ronald Reagan in 1961 on Socialized medicine.

China’s cool high speed train.

CRE, that next big shoe just ain’t dropping-yet.

Two peas in a pod, Spitzer and Blodgett, the former is the devil, the latter not so bad.

Ever have one you would like to take back?

Meet your new energy Czar, an admitted Communist, anarchist and felon, and he oversees about $60B of your money. Good pick.

The top ten speeches in sports.

Pitino’s Italian restaurant.

Remembering the Reagan bull market

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