Weekend Linky Dinks

The bulls took the hill as “less bad” news continued to roll in. They say markets can stay overbought, and although I think macro and trade micro , this is getting silly. AIG at $27? Puleeeeze. Our bubbles have bubbles. Lets reverse split Fannie and Freddie and goose them too. Enjoy the links and have a super weekend.

AIG has a profit sshhhh, they just owe us $87 Billion.

GE’s Enron-esque behavior

Uh Oh, we’re out of oil again.

Blankfein does his best DeNiro after the Lufhtansa heist, such a Goodfella.

The Real Housewives of Goldman Sachs.

Why are company insiders selling like they are leaving town on the next train?

Old banks, new tricks.

I’m not there yet, but I’d burn my AARP card.

Peak government, not oil.

Prime borrowers are failing.

Federal Tax revenues are plummeting, so I guess it’s a great time to raise taxes.

Who brought down Twitter this week?

Demystifying high frequency trading.

Great Vanity Fair piece on the North Korea mob.

Five reasons the market could crash in the fall.

Cash for clunkers may be popular but it ain’t that green.

Gartman says the recession is over.

Half of all mortgages will be under water next year.

15 reasons why we face a weak recovery.

Cuba running low on TP

Govy travels well.

Four signs to watch for the end of the rally.

Why you’ve stopped watching CNBC.

Geithner’s outburst.

Fighting the good fight.

Arizona’s commercial real estate collapse

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