Midday Update


Financials are strong and USB broke out at 21.92 use 21.60 for a stop

I recommended getting flat on SUN, I saw the oil inventory number and then realized earnings are after the close and didn’t want to take a chance.

I recommended a sale of the other half off AA, I have a quick trigger because ptrices are getting lofty + about 40 cents.

RVBD triggered, I shorted a little ahead of the trigger and got a bit squeezed and covered but the short is still good, I would use 20.50 as your stop, this one could fall hard if we reverse.

Keep your on on LMT as it is getting closer to a short.

ACAD is a trigger at 5.25 but some of you may have joined me yesterday at 4,80. Earnings are after the close and you can take this for what its worth but small biotechs with no earnings to begin with really don’t have an impact on earnings day because they don’t have any in the first place, at least that has been my experience. I may hold mine overnight but if you are conservative you can exit and reenter at a later date.

HGSI stll looks good and am still long and canceled my 14,70 stop, if we can get one more strong gasp out of the market we could see a nice breakout there and the pattern so far remains very nice.

TDC is waffling around and we are =.40 cents on paper and earnings are tomorrow before the open, so either sell or drastically reduce your position by the close, getting close to our cost would be nice but use your judgement.

I did a few posts this morning on twitter on POT, did any of you guys take it? It popped nicely, I didn’t have any as I was busy with some other stuff.

The financials are strong and the dollar is still weak so don’t be surprised if the market rallies. Look for me on twitter if things get hectic.

Good luck


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