Weekend Linky Dinks

The market saw modest gains for the week, but all the indices hit new yearly highs on Thursday. Next week could be significant as far as direction goes. Newsweek said the recession is over, Kudlow said we are in a new bull market and the twits on Fox Biz this morning were all buying commercial real estate stocks, so we should be cool. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Roubini on what is ahead for the global economy.

More from the analyst community, you know, the guys with no skin in the game that  that told you to buy Potash at $250 for a move to $400 (while we were crashing).

It’s Christmas in August for retailers, why is RTH starting to look like a lamb chop to me again from the short side?

Let’s break up the Fed.

In case you’re interested, the $1 million Wall Street bonus babies, I say pay em all.

America’s recession, just the beginning.

Ruth has a stash.

Bankruptcies aren’t just in the financials anymore.

Photos of the greediest people of all time.

Laugh my ass off.

Rage against the machines.

Don’t worry Grndama, they’re from the government and they’re here to help.

Are great traders born or made? Who knows, Howard Lindzon on having a routine–in anything.

The truth will set you free, it’s always about the e-mail.

Unemployment is still the key, it gets worse and the rest is just noise until it improves.

Buffett quietly makes a billion in 10 months.

Faber on China, fake growth and the only country that knows its GDP three years in advance.

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