{+++}I haven’t been doing too many mid day reports because we have been sloppy the last couple of days. I usually have a great feel all most of the time, but the last couple of days has been like nailing jello to a tree.

By way of update, MDRX triggered today and I like the volume and it is running counter to the market which is a bullish sign. SNDA was tough to borrow I have found out but is +2.25 from Mondays nights short. Some of you grabbed some, I foolishly traded mine yesterday. CREE is also hanging in there considerring market conditions.

I am long FAZ at 37.59, long EDZ at 10.62 and I’m short IYR at 34.40. I twittered them all and are day trades for now, if the market is ending weak I may hold some, either way I will let you know.

I’ll be back later on twitter to take you to the close. Good luck.

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