Crappy 48


No video tonight as I am taking a breather. The market has been jerky and I don’t want us to be be too exposed. We had a few long triggers immediately fail since Monday morning as the market decided to fail early Monday morning from what was perceived to be a very decent housing number, but that’s the market.

Tomorrow could be a day trading day so stay close to twitter. SNDA that was mentioned as a short last night triggered at 50, I covered for about 50 cents but had over a buck at one point, it was very whippy. The market seems undecided here and I’d rather be cautious until I figure what it wants to do tomorrow. W are long CREE and so far it acts well.

I’m leaving the watchlist in tact for now. I will be at it early tomorrow and will post pre-market. I spent three hours on charts tonight and nothing jumps out at me, that’s weird, so lets take it slow until we pounce hard soon.



MDRX – 16.67 STOP 16,25

PWRD – 36.12 STOP 35,20

BHP- 62.92  STOP 61.50

ANEN- 18.74 STOP 18,30

LFT- 28.36 STOP 27.50

UYM- 22.42 STOP 21.80

MELI- 31.50 STOP 29.70


CREE- 31.80 STOP 31

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