Weekend Linky Dinks

It was another great week for the bulls, will we blast through S&P 1000 or start the pullback? Be ready either way and enjoy the links.

My friend Jon Markman on regional banks and why I still like KRE as a short.

Bankruptcy lost its stigma a while ago, now forclosure is part of our new world.

Shame on you Wall St

Howard Lindzon on “the inconceivable rally”

Roubini asks if Japan can avoid another last decade?

How the mess started and where we go from here.

A Goldman alum on the next banking crisis.

Forget buy and hold dude, just trade in miliseconds.

Will Citi ever get it right?

The unimportance of kicking ass from Barak Obama.

A wonderful read on the healthcare plan (subscription required), but a thumbnail sketch.

GE is getting shorted.

The man who let Mengele get away.

JP Morgan on algorithmic trading. (Zero Hedge)

Social Networking, Stocktwits, Todd, me and a Hedge Fund. Pretty cool.

Roubini digs Bernanke.

I had dinner with a quant hedge fund manager last week and felt dumber than a sack of hammers.

Yet another article on the most telegraphed crash in history, the “other shoe” still stays in the closet.

7 reasons not to trust this rally.

Luxury hotels are rolling over.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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