And That’s The Way It Was

The market cruised higher last week and it’s the bulls game to lose right now. The bears are lying in wait for an opening and will ultimately pounce when they find it, in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

Goldman and HFT ( high frequency trading)

The U.S.-China ponzi scheme


9 reasons we’re still screwed

Goldman is having a great financial crisis, how about you?

Hope is not a strategy.

Socialist America is sinking.

Get ready to have your left lung taxed.

I think Israel is getting ready.

Biden on Economics 101, piss it away so we don’t go broke.

A nice analysis on trading in Mosaic (MOS) last week, I’m short.

8 lifestyles of the rich and incompetent.

Unemployment tops 10% in 16 states.

Old Media, more death.

I wonder what the Vegas prop line is on Bartiromo VS. Burnett

Channeling Milton Friedman.

Gasparino, the Pugnacious Pundit.

Faber says the ultimate crisis is coming.

7 years of bad luck.

Health plan hits a big snag.

………and their claims just don’t add up.

Goldman traitor puts spotlight on electronic trading.

The honeymoon is fading.

Now I know why Larry Summers gets paid the big bucks.

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