Futures Bump On Jobless Claims

{+++}Claims were lower than last ime and JPM beat the street on earnings. CIT looks like it could rollover and claim bankruptcy unless the government steps up and does a midnight hour save. Most in the media are reporting and imminent CIT fail, but I still think there is a shot that the government could step in for selfish reasons, a fail at CIT will result in s huge uptick in unemployment as over 300,000 retailers will have big challenges without CIT. The administration doesn’t need that right now, but I could be wrong.

I understand the video cut off at the end last night, my apologies. I didn’t make a formal call on any names but did want to draw your attention to a few shorts and longs. I would rather watch them, give you some levels, and then update you via a mid day post. This is a big earnings week and I don’t want to be aggressive unless I see perfect setups’

The names I mentioned are:

LONG- FFIV over 35.92, PJC over 45


These names will be updated during the day if they get close, we need to watch the market very closely here as GOOG reports after the close and we see BAC, GE and C tomorrow. I will check in later. Good luck today.

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