{+++} We have taken stops this morning on MOS, VNO and WCG. This is the second time MOS broke lower and then snapped higher, please keep in mind what this means technically, every time it hits or breaches the support level it weakens it. I am watching it closely and we will eventually win that battle.

We are all out of POT as we covered the last third position, this piece was for a 7 point profit. I know some of you had trouble borrowing or may not have participated because it happened so fast.

VNO stopped up albeit on light volume, but that doesn’t matter, only price matters.

WCG was stopped for about a 50 cent loss, again light volume.

The market is very whippy and there is light volume as it waits for earnings. The light volume is causing the whippiness and the b ears have taken the day off so far. Goldman reports tomorrow before the open so the remainder of the day could get exciting.

I will report back in if I need to.

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