Happy Friday

Futures are lower, the dollar is up, oil and commodities are lower while China announces that their exports were down 21%. GM is emerging from bankruptcy (wow, that was fast) and they are getting ready for their IPO in January, the excitement is killing me for that one. The Nikkei is also working on its eighth strait loss today.

I just saw a Mercedes commercial that wakes up a driver if he dozes off, we need that for Congress. Banks are repurchasing TARP warrants at a discount as the taxpayer continues to get screwed. The beat goes on.

Goldman Sachs continues whine incessantly about their proprietary black box code that was stolen. Goldman continues to make the point that this technology in the wrong hands could assist someone in manipulating the market. I guess it’s just OK for Goldman to manipulate the market. I heard that Buffet was hospitalized when he heard the news but Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke and Blankfein rushed to his bedside and told him it would be all right.

Healthcare reform is gaining traction again and if you make 250k or own a small business get ready to have your brains blown out. Watch currencies and the dollar today as that will be the theme.

It’s Friday, go have fun.

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