A Favor

{+++}Hi Guys,

Stocktwits has asked me to get a few testimonials from the subscriber base as they continue to make the site the best that it can be.

If you like the site please let me know. If you have made money, learned a little, got a little education on playing the short side,please let me know. There are some great improvements and new things happening and we would love to post your comments. If you have benefited from some risk management from the use of stops or have just learned a new or different way to look at trading, I would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you would like to talk about a winning trade or two, that’s fine too.

Please just shoot me an e-mail and I just want to let you know in advance that appreciate your assistance and value your loyalty and involvement with the site. It matters.

Best Regards and thanks,


[email protected]

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