Weekend Linky Dinks

Markets ended flattish last week, Bernanke got fried on The Hill, commodities took a breather, and now we wait for some important economic data next week.  Enjoy the links.

George Soros gets a little long.

John Rutledge on our banana republic.

Now Sheila Bair can’t sell her crib.

Capital One may have paid their “bookie” back too soon.

Jon Markman says cheer up and look ahead.

Some hedge fund managers look for an edge–on Twitter?

Will the crash spawn ?

America’s most troubled luxury neighborhoods.

And did Bernie get a $billion kickback?

JP Morgan racks up $2.4 billion in deals in the first half.

Madoff was stashing loot as the walls caved in.

Top three mistakes new traders should avoid.

What happened to Jackson’s millions.

Stocktwits is exploding.

New all time lows for ABC and CBS.

What the polls say.

Credit Crisis Part Deux

A 55 minute speech and what wasn’t said.


California’s schools are screwed

The rise and fall of Allen Sanford

Obama shutting the door on transparency.

Fear of bank problems returns.

Got it, spend it, print it (video)

Speech by Robert Gates to CENTCOM.

China still wants a worldwide currency.

The biggest tax in American history, and we havent even started with health care yet.

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