Weekend Linky Dinks

Another week passes and we we get stuck just under 950, next week should be a blast. Enjoy the links.

Can you trust your mutual fund?

I guess I just like posting this.

UBS sold “tax evasion” as a service.

Treasuries spark concern.

Enjoy the recession while you can.

Lord, make me financially prudent, but not yet.

Blackrock’s big bet.

Barney Frank gets my award for most unlikeable human.

The best and worst cities for recovery.

What if we’re jumping the gun on TARP paybacks?

Health Care proposal will add $600 billion in new taxes-at least.

Bulldozing entire cities?

How to stop socialized health care.

Stimulus fraud could hit $50 billion.

Chavez may ban critical TV, why not he banned Coke and Pepsi last week?

Did Jamie Dimon kill Ace Greenberg’s writing career?

Median home price in Detroit – $6000.

How the recession is wrecking friendships.

So your bank account is wiped out, a fictional apocalypse.

Americans get poorer more slowly.

Buy land, they ain’t making it anymore.

The man who would be President. Don’t make fun of his wife either.

Now that’s a lot of bonds.

Are Obama’s issues crumbling?

Obama continues Bush’s second term.

The next great crisis-American debt.

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