Update 6/11/09 15:00


AA -exploded from 11.33 trigger yesterday, you may want to take 1/3 or half off, at very least raise your stops to protect gains

CENX-popped from 7,33 trigger this morning, gapped up but gave us another chance near the trigger, you can take a little off if you want there too, raise  stop to your break even at very least

OGXI-recommended 25% position around 25.60, pattern still good and we will buy more on way up

OCLS-roughly a 4.80-5 cost from yesterday, consolidating nicely here

SIGA-is ticking me off, stop is 7.40-still ok

CSTR-triggered short yesterday at 28.74, daily chart is still very vulnerable and this little rally is on light volume

LEN-triggered short this morning at 8.34, chart looks heavy, target 7.25-7.50

AHD- we are long from 3.90-4, nice consolidation

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