Weekend Linky Dinks

Hi guys and gals, I hope you had a productive week. The market tagged and gently broke through 950, next week will be interesting for sure, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Time for some links.

Beware of false real estate bottoms.

1 of every 6 dollars in income is a government check or voucher

Is Obama to the left of Chavez and Castro?

Inside the Mozilo case.

Is it VAT time?

What would Louis Rukeyser say?

Is our alliance with Israel dead?

The rise and fall of GOOG’s online advertising.

Drinking to excess is banks hangover cure.

How about buying on a peaceful culdesac? On the West Bank though.

Gorbachiev on North Korea.

Budget surpluses and low unemployment, North Dakota is rocking.

Arizon’s bailout battle.

An $80 million Ponzi in Philly.

21 Czars and counting, the Romanov’s had 18

There must be some tension in the room as Pelosi continues to get CIA breifings. I guess they’re telling the truth now.

Kass made a decent call.

The Efficient Market Theory.

Si Newhouse, the last media tycoon.

Deejay schools are rocking.

6000 bankruptcies a day

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