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Rise of the Bond Vigilante
Rise of the Bond Vigilante

We saw another week with a faltering dollar and a plunge in Treasury prices and the  “bond vigilantes” were back with a vengeance. Armageddon is off the table for now but the big fear has turned to the weak greenback and rising interest rates, both of which can derail Washington’s best laid plans. Enjoy the links.

Floyd Norris thinks credit relief won’t last.

Roubini digs South Korea ( assuming it still exists)

Still early to get excited.

We have experienced a failure in finance NOT capitalism.

Get ready for the GM bankruptcy parasites.

I would hate this gig, overseeing Madoff claims.

Does the media shun perma-bears? Peter Schiff’s TV bookings are down 75%.

Are you a liberalatarian?

Commercial real estate, the sector seems to tick higher with every negative article.

MTV is launching a  media heavy show and twitter too.

The consequences of 5.5% mortgages.

….and after the rate hike, kick out bad loans now.

Paul Tudor Jones on hedge funds and the market.  love this guy.

The consumer is in pullback mode not spend mode.

North Korea causing worry.

Gambling Grandma, 154 rolls without coming up craps.

The Kindle is pricey and so far not profitable.

3-D TV is coming to  your living room.

The next crisis has already begun.

MSFT new search engine, ever get the feeling this company is just clueless?

Pravda says we are becoming Marxists.

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