Weekend Linky Dinks

Our country is struggling right now but will inevitably rise to magnificent greatness once again. I want to thank personally all those that have given everything when they certainly had better things to do. Have a great weekend.

For what it’s worth, Greenspan still thinks the banks need more loot.

Roubini, Soros, Krugman and others on the economy.

Why Grantham changed his mind.

The best banks.

Why a GM bankrupcy would be a disaster, suppliers hanging by a thread.

New hedge funds will be smaller and smarter.

Why doesn’t Peter Schiff get the same love as Roubini?

Interesting view of asset allocation by wealthy investors.

Is your mall a ghost town?

Touch panels will be big and one of the reasons I like SYNA.

Europe is far worse than us.

Roubini says do not believe the optomists. What a surprise.

Why Government can’t run a business.

Golisana leaves New York because of high taxes. Will others follow.

Where’s the fear?

The dollar is dirt and Treasuries are toast.

Is Roubini lucky or just good.

I figured it out, just blame the business schools.

Some CEO’s are afraid to speak out against Obama-not Clifford Asness.

Macke is out at CNBC, I liked his honesty about how bad the market really was, but what a condescending asshat.

Treasuries took a hit last week, what does that mean for mortgages?

Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Mafia.

Facebook raises more loot.

Bear Stearns trail of “lies”

What happened to sovereign wealth funds?

Bloomberg and their twitter rules.

Still rich, how can the bottom be in when the market is still tradingat 31x earnings.

Saytem, talk about being over employed.

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