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Happy Mothers Day !!!
Happy Mothers Day !!!

We saw a week where conventional wisdom regarding the financials was bludgeoned like a baby seal. Banks needed money, dilutive offerings were announced and yet buyers bought as if they were going to the electric chair in the morning. I’ll talk much more about the financials and where I see things going in the Sunday post. Enjoy the links.

Get ready to put your $2000 car in your $7000 home.

Twitter inventor has a new big thing.

Howard digs Gametruck, why can’t I think of these things.

Krugman says we should all be afraid.

What was with those stress test leaks?

All the upside and none of the downside still isn’t good enough for Chris Flowers. Has Geithner created monsters?

Has envy taken a holiday?

Green shoots and the greenback.

Some things are so bad they just can’t be fixed, the SEC and Shapiro is no answer.

What New Deal?

Back to pre- Ronnie and Maggie economics?

America’s most ambitious cities.

Will ignoring creditor’s rights become social policy?

Some names to watch on Monday.

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