Weekend Linky Dinks

It’s Derby day, the  weather is ominous and the favorite has been scratched. Grab a mint julip and have some fun.

Speaking of mint julips I have used this recipe for years, hope you enjoy.

Hope you like Fiats.

What was it like to be a Stanford salesman? It looks to me like the living was easy.

Are we done with naked shorting? Good, let’s talk about something that actually matters.

I remember when Solomon Bros. bought Phibro, then Citi bought Solomon-should Phibro get kicked to the curb?

Roubini, a man in in full.

Remember Aubrey Mclendon’s big CHK margin call? He was almost wiped out, now he’s selling historical maps back to Chesapeake. This guy makes big loot.

Are stocks rising on a “Raft of Regrets” ?

Goldman runs the NYSE, will they rule the world next? Amazing stats

“Market” conditions take another IPO off the runway.

Bartiromo sits down with Cuomo.

The bureaucracy that consistently fails, now wants to set the rules.

Is Pakistan really this close to collapse?

Munger wants to ban credit default swaps.

Stress tests and the efficient market thesis.

More evidence that it’s wicked awesome to be a nerd.

Sexy phone aps? I thought just movies got a rating.

Country ETF’s are oversold.

What is Hollywood’s beef with 3-D ?

Chicks dig Roubini, another revenge of the Nerd.

Is Balmer capable of an original thought? First Zune, then Vista-now a Twitter knock-off? I just mailed him my Betamax an 8-track and a Polaroid camera. The 12 people that use Outlook are chomping at the bid though.

Another theory on ” sell in May”

I’ve been saying this for about a month, it’s been fast, momentum money moving this market, only time will tell if it sticks.

A good piece on the Genesis of the debt disaster.

Danny Gans died, one of the most talented dudes I’ve ever seen.

And my question of the day is…………..Whys is Ben Stein back on Saturday morning TV giving out stock picks? Have a great weekend.

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