Air Farce One

Here is shot of Air Farce One flying “very low” over Manhattan yesterday. We learned later that it was a “photo op” for Air Farce One. That cute little dot behind it is actually a fully armed F-14. What a beautiful day to catch New Yorkers off guard and scare the crap out of them, people were running in the streets and some lower Manhattan buildings started to evacuate-again.

I reported this on twitter yesterday before most, as my news service is amazing and CNBC is still researching the Lincoln assassination, but why do I know it still strikes a nerve? I received many calls from friends on twitter that saw my post and they were actually petrified and wanted to know the exact location of the plane. Unless you are a New Yorker or were in the city that day, it’s very hard to understand the sensitivity that still resonates among us.

As someone who was on the 78 th floor of World Trade Center Tower One when the plane actually hit I get it. The fact that this administration doesn’t, is an entirely different story.

Futures are lower this morning as the swine flu story continues and the Fed has advised Citi and Bank Of America that they will need more money. Hmm.. Ken Lewis recently told us everything was swell and new money would not be a concern. So that begs the question-if  BAC needs more loot, what will be the deal with third runners up like ZION and maybe STI? I’ve learned one thing from this market and our experience these  past 18 months, you honestly can’t believe a thing anyone in a position of authority tells us. The banks are planning rebuttals as they desperately want to get off the government resuscitator and live their lives independent of Big Brother. Good luck with that.

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