Swine Flu and You

Global markets are down as the swine flu pandemic has gained srength over the weekend. I remember the bird flu or SARS virus as if it was yesterday, it was only about three of four years ago that stocks like NVAX were put in play in a big way. My recommendation is to run the other way and avoid getting caught up in the hype. All events like this have a finite shelf  life and for the most part any easy money trades are probably almost over.

{+++}For kicks and giggles I bought some NVAX  late Friday because I was familiar with the name from a few years ago. I paid $1.15 and sold it around $1.45, I believe it moved up to 1.90 or so in the after market. I don’t recommend it to anyone and I am out of the stock, in hindsight I was dumb not to hold it, after all what was my real risk?  Here is a look at the breakout on Friday.

Other names like Glaxo and Hoffman LaRouche may get some play in the coming days, but I will just be a bystander. Good luck and I will see you on twitter.

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