Weekend Linky Dinks

Happy Saturday. The markets ended the week mixed following  volatile trading with varied earnings reports and a week that was domintaed by speculation regarding the government’s financial stress tests.

For the week, 143 S&P 500 companies reported quarterly results and although EPS fell ~40%, roughly 80 companies reports were better-than-expected, while 40 were worse-than-expected.  Revenue declined 10.6%, with roughly 30 posting positive results and 70 reporting sales that were worse-than-expected.

Here sre some links that I found interesting:

I twittered last week that  though MSFT was MMM with software, it’s jumped the shark, but I guess that’s OK.

is coming to a theater near you, the first movie on subprime, Where is Moore and Stone?

Dr. Phil Pearlman on why Twitter matters.

Me and some stock guys talk stocks.

Power to the hedge funds.

How Madoff did it.

Fannie’s own Ponzi

Corporate Subprime will fuel defaults

Roubini is still bearish and I’m still listening.

Why I fired my broker.

Jon Markman on hope and the market

Good piece on Bill Ackman a win on MBIA but reality bites on Target.

TARP and fraud

Be careful, this Swine flu is spreading

Did Pelosi know?

Dingell on Cap and Trade

A sociopath and his money are soon parted.

Some nice V-shaped bottom analysis.

What’s driving the bull market in commodities?

New worries for the next tier of banks.

Toxic internet, watch out Ebay

The newsletter will be out tomorrow for premium subscribers will include some commentary, and specific picks for entry for the coming week. Have a great weekend.

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