Will Mark To Market Changes Save the Day?

Timbo, doing his best Maxwell Smart was overheard saying here “I missed saving the world economy by this much.” The guy he’s talking to is on his sixth martini and is just wondering when the hookers arrive.

I just returned home from running around, but I just heard Bob Froelich on Kudlow practically guarantee the market will be up at least 500 points tomorrow because mark to market will reversed. I’ll be on the hunt for the clip later. I’ve seen Froelich before and he’s only been wrong everyday for the last 8000 points, so when he’ wrong again you can be sure that I will try my best to call him on it in my own little piece of the blogisphere, if he’s right—I’ll bury the story. Just following the N.Y. Times approach. Is there a day care for perma- bulls? Is it in the green room at CNBC? Froelich, Reilly, they all get dragged out on stage on every up day, they are always wrong and embarrassed and hide with their tails between their legs, but where do they go? Pundit Purgatory? I really haven’t watched CNBC in about two weeks, I’d much prefer to be water boarded and sleep deprived while listening to Metallica at max decibels. Horrendous, simply horrendous.

Results from G-20 start rolling in around 9am our time and more at 10am tomorrow. I don’t know what the market will do on a change in mark to market, but if they don’t change it, be prepared for some pain.

MOS and CREE rocked today, I’ll try for some charts in a bit, if not we’ll hit em’ in the morning.

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G 20 to the Rescue?

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