Weekend Linky Dinks

Happy Saturday. Is the market at a near term top or is it digesting gains before a run to 900? Next week will be fun. The newsletter will be out later today or tomorrow morning, hope you enjoy the links.

This is one of the best pieces I’ve seen on AIG, CDO’s, CDS’s and the origins of the toxic disaster.

Why couldn’t this be Cramer?

The richest hedge fund managers.

Meredith Whitney hangs out a shingle.

My pal Jon Markman says the bank plan is just buying time.

Will day traders become night traders? Interesting.

Control freaks

Regulation is everywhere now, but the devil is in the details.

With U.S. jobs in the crapper, what do we do with the flood of job visas?

Looks like jumbo mortgage loans are making a comeback.

The Quiet Coup.

Richard Lefrak said a class 5 hurricane in commercial real estate is on its way.

Revitalizing the Securitization Markets.

Madoff is a con man strait out of Dickens.

Even Hollywood has to rethink their model.

The number of states with 10% unemployment is growing.

Are earnings even real? I know I will be all cash when the first quarter kicks off.

New ETF’s that replicate a hedge fund, I hope that doesn’t mean it will be down 40%.

9 movies that are too awful for the theater. Lindsay Lohan has jumped the shark.

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