Well, after being down 11 of the last 13 sessions the bulls have started to take the hill as our futures are up. The S&P is up about 10 handles and the DOW is up about 100 points.

Europe and Asia are also higher and it will be interesting to see if we can have an up day by 4pm. It will more interesting to see if we can string two consecutive positive days in a row. If you remember that was almost an impossibility a few months back, and when we finally did accomplish the feat we fell precipitously. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the unemployment number. The ADP number comes out at 8:30 today, some people use it as a precursor for tomorrows number, others don’t.

My strategy is to trade exactly what the trading Gods give me, but will be leaning towards the short side, as usual, on any real strength. Let’s see if the bulls can make a stand.

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