Under the stewardship of famous R.I.N.O (Republican in name only) George W., I would constantly suggest that he and his entire administration just shut up, zip it, shut your pie hole. I called it the “pundit podium effect”, meaning every time they pontificated rhetoric from the podium, the market would collapse. Bush and Paulson were good for thousands of lost points on the DOW and now the new guy is doing it too-except faster. Lets’s recap shall we? Two Monday’s ago we were supposed to have Geithner save the world with his boyish good looks and Ivy League charm. What happened? The schmuckweeds on the Hill needed the glory that day for the porkulus plan, so Timbo was pushed back a day until Tuesday. Well Tuesday came and he layed a big fat egg, but let me be clear, we were blinded by fog. We were then promised more clarity-but nada. But on Wednesday the big guy grabbed the microphone to save the housing market-again nada, but a goodly amount of outrage. Yesterday, Ben Bernanke the newly anointed Tony Robbins of all things financial spoke, and the reviews were complimentary if not swooning. I was waiting for Variety magazine and TMZ to show up with their best paparazzi. Last night the big guy tried to close the deal with a happy recap of the last few abysmal week and bold fresh look forward. NADA again. But wait—we have a stress test for the financials that we have to now wait a few weeks for. LOL. I’ll give them a f**king stress test. I probably missed a few high level media events in between, oh I forgot, Larry Summers fell asleep at Monday’s impromtu economic summit.

I believe we are down about 1300 points from that Monday.I was so looking forward to leadership I could count on.

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