Financials on The Brink

The Dow and the financials won’t need much of a push to send us to new lows. They will get there, the question is what day. Jim Cramer had us bottoming last Tuesday, his 600th such call, and 500 points ago. Love ya Jimbo, keep up the good work. You should be ashamed, I’ve heard so much about your great returns when you ran your fund, was it ever audited? I would love to see the real returns. Hey Jimbo, did you ever make good on the 50 k bet you made with Eric Bolling and lost in disgraceful fashion? You remember, it was the bet you made on Fast Money, you said to go all in on the financials, Bolling said they were going to crap and said buy commodities. It was the bet for 2008. You must remember, the XLF was around $30. Jimmy, I’m sure it was an oversite, you are so busy. You should pay up, because I know you want to help people, you do it every night.

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