Weekend Linky Dinks

The major indexes averaged about a 3% decline for the week as we got barraged with more gloomy news. Here are some links of interest.

First off, thank you to 24/7 Wall St. for including me on their “Top 25 Financial Blogs for 2009”

Some stocks that could be headed to zero.

Maria Bartiromo does an hysterical interview with Prince Alaweed. Not really.

Freddie Mac is back to the well for $35 billion. Already?

The Obameter, if you want to track his promises.

Louise Yamada was canned by Citigroup, so they could push further into toxic matter, maybe they should have listened.

Mish talks debt disaster.

Eric Jackson, an activist manager and twitter buddy, takes activism on line. Very cool and good luck.

Small investors flip off Wall St. and do it themselves.

Thaine rushed bonuses. What an asshat he really was.

I guess Dick Fuld doesn’t trust the Homestead Act as he is flipping property to his wife.

Many of the pundits that lost all their “street cred” on common stocks, jammed us with preferred stock the last few months. They were wrong again.


Jon Ogg of 24/7 Wall St. talks about GE. I got short on Friday, I’m looking for $8.

The Best of the Buyside

Global Warming is at the bottom of the list, wondering if the coming Ice Age will move to the top?

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