Weekend Linky Dinks

The financials dropped 16% for the week as FAZ soared 50%. Last Sunday I alerted you, my cherished readers of the coming demise, and again on Tuesday. Hope you guys grabbed the trade. Here are some interesting links.

“One” of the next shoes to drop.

Jon Markman on twitter and stocktwits.

Ralph Acampora is a friend from back in the day and he’s is watching for new lows. I agree.

Nothing about the Madoff scam surprises me that much, but NOT ONE TRADE???

We havent heard much about Marc Dreir in a month but he is a Madoff wannabe.

I agree with Doug Kass on just about everything but on this front I beg to differ.

Task and Blodget talk financials.

Cailifornia is fried.

Is smart money getting long the shorts?

Citigroup is all but extinct.

I’m happy to be on any bear list that will have me.

Tweetdeck gets funding. Once you use it, you won’t go back.

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