Stocktwits Closes Financing Round

You have heard me talk about the virtues of Stocktwits in the past, both on the blog and in the weekly newsletter. I am happy to announce the successful completion of a Series A financing today to assist the company to the next level. Yes I am an investor in the venture and will be working with some truly wonderful folks to help to grow the platform. During one of the most challenging periods in the market that I have ever seen I am proud to say that Stocktwits is truly a source of high quality real time market information for both individual and institutional investors alike. Some of the personalities that I interact with on a daily basis are high profile media folks, some are not. In either case, I would not think twice about getting in a financial foxhole with any of them. You guys know how cynical I am about the media and I have spent much time questioning the ability of the “pundits” to make us money. Many of these folks don’t even have skin in the game and constantly pontificate the virtues of buy and hold. The people I interact with are folks that are in the market daily, they include, traders, former and current hedge fund managers who had and have track records, fundamental and technical people, venture capital folks, and great global economic thinkers. The other day I needed some information on an ETF, I posed the question on Stocktwits and received five or ten answers within two minutes. Where else can you get that level of input? In my opinion the timing couldn’t be better for investors to have a place to go for high quality input on the financial markets.

Some of my partners include:

* James Altucher: Founder, Stockpickr; Columnist at; author; hedge fund manager;
* betaworks: A leading NYC-based early-stage media and technology investor; Investor in Summize, sold to Twitter;

* Bill Bishop: Co-founder of Marketwatch; based in China, provides 24-hour perspective;
* Eric Bolling: NYMEX trader and Board member; Financial Analyst, Fox Business News;
* Gerry Campbell: Former President, Search & Content Technologies at Reuters; SVP of AOL Search;
* Michael Parekh: Former Head of Global Internet Research and MD, Goldman Sachs; uber-blogger;
* Rikki Tahta: Co-founder, Covestor;
* Alan Warms: Former VP and GM of Yahoo News; Founder, BuzzTracker, sold to Yahoo; and
* Power bloggers/Stocktwits community leaders such as Andy Swan (@andyswan) and yours truly.
* Roger Ehrenberg, 17 years in M&A, Derivatives and trading

We are also working partnership/distribution deals with companies that are interested in bringing the Stocktwits commentary into their feeds. One such partner is Bloomberg and other quality names will be coming soon. So stay tuned and join the community. It’s just the beginning.

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