Weekend Linky Dinks

Good Morning everybody. Hope you all had a great week. These are the times that try men’s souls. Now for a few links.

In this video, my buddy Paul Kedrosky discusses the coming commercial real estate crasharoo.

Watch for further credit downgrades, they should happen everywhere.

Task and Blogett on Madoff.

The Madoff Special Victims Unit.

Over 4 millions Britons are struggling to pay last years X-mas bills.

Jim Rogers says most big banks are bankrupt. True that

Roubini. Enough said.

Tim Knight has some thoughts and charts

Cox and the SEC suck and I speak from experience, D- lawyers with just nothing to offer life.

The newsletter will be out tonight or in the morning, flag football, basketball, shopping and a X-Mas tree all on tap today. Don’t forget to visit the advertisers on the blog, a click a day is all I ask. Thanks Guys.

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